ABOUT US / why us?


We have completed several hundred projects for business clients, the public sector and non-government organizations. We combine 25 years of experience in the industry with expertise in current social, economic, technological and organizational trends.


Extensive experience has not dulled our creativity. We always recommend thought-out and unconventional communications solutions adjusted to individual needs of clients.


Clients value us most of all for our high quality communications consultancy services combined with reliable performance and flexibility, which guarantee goal attainment.

WHAT WE DO? / what drives us?

Effective communication is conditional to success. Businesses and institutions must constantly maintain and refresh their image, explain their motivations, listen to clients, engage in dialog with their environment and shape people’s experiences.

We help them do it.

OUR OFFER / areas of competence


We want our clients’ image to be a source of their success. We build and strengthen the renown of businesses and institutions. We protect their reputation in crisis situations.

Our activities are based on a thorough understanding of our client’s situation. We research the environment of businesses and institutions, analyze the data and talk to clients, partners and stakeholders to arrive at a diagnosis and develop strategies. We are active in traditional and digital media. We use social and marketing communications tools and techniques.

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Internal communications are the foundation of effective operations of every organization. We help clients increase the loyalty and engagement of their employees, we build understand and acceptance for change, and improve the quality of information flow.

We perform communications audits, design internal communications systems, support businesses in their implementation and in managing organizational change.

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We consider Corporate Social Responsibility an area of building the identity and market position of our clients. As communications experts, we help businesses establish dialogue with their surroundings and provide publicity to its results, to apply the image-related potential of CSR activities.

We develop and implement CSR strategies adapted to the needs and capacities of every client. We offer audit and optimization of existing projects. We design and implemented dedicated social campaigns.

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Effective communications increasingly often requires combining public relations, advertising and interactive efforts. Thanks to our experience in multimedia informational, promotional, social and educational campaigns, we know how to integrate tools and techniques from various areas so that they reinforce each other and create an integrated whole.

We design and implement campaigns that integrate multiple communications channels. We cooperate with the advertising industry, media houses and event agencies. We manage multidisciplinary teams and consortia.

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Business is not just an intersection of the curves of supply and demand. It is also regulations and administrative decisions. Thanks to many years of cooperation with public institutions, we help our clients reach decision-makers and convince them to solutions beneficial to the development of entrepreneurship.

We offer comprehensive consultancy services in relations with public institutions, we conduct legislative monitoring and establish expert teams to analyze regulations and prepare proposals of change, we help build alliances and coordinate their activities.

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Today, quality itself is not enough to win the market. The product or service need to have a personality that will fascinate customers. We know how to create engaging brand stories and we can make sure they reach consumers.

We implement campaigns dedicated to brands and individual products and services; we survey the opinions of consumers and users. We present brands in contexts that are natural to them, providing expert knowledge to interest the media and consumers with whom we build lasting relations.

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OUR OFFER? / services


We design and carry out opinion studies. We analyze opinions, interests, attitudes, conflicts. We audit images, internal communications and CSR.


Consultancy services in communications, general education, information and promotion. Development organizational communications strategies and brand strategies.


We design and implement activities to build and strengthen the image of corporations, institutions or organizations.


We provide communications activities in the Internet. We maintain relations with the media, bloggers and internet opinion leaders.


We support our clients’ communications in social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram, Linked in. We establish and animate communities around brands and ideas.


CSR audits, strategies and implementation of CSR concepts in business organizations. We implement social campaigns based on ideas of corporate social responsibility.


Comprehensive social consultations with support from informational and promotional campaigns.


Organization of events and ceremonies related to important corporate events to build our clients’ relations with contractors, business partners and employees.


Activities to reinforce or change employee attitude (change management ) and communication of change within the organization.


Protection of the client’s image and communications support in crisis situations. Rebuilding trust in the company.


Comprehensive implementation of multi-channel informational, promotional and educational campaigns.


Development and comprehensive implementation of social campaigns as part of the company’s CSR policy, or in response to identified social problems.


Maintaining comprehensive, long-term relations with journalists in traditional and internet media.


Communications activities addressed to the social, political and legislative environment, designed to change opinions, influence legislation or institutional practice.


Communications based on large collections of data (Big Data) using statistical and dynamic infographics, graphs and animations. Understandable and convincing visualization of data for the purpose of analysis, decision-making and communications with the environment.

OUR CLIENTS / current and former

OUR TEAM / about us

Dominika Abram

Wioletta Cielniak

Katarzyna Demianiuk

Agnieszka Grobelna

Katarzyna Komuda

Magdalena Krupa

Paweł Kuczyński

Agnieszka Maślanka

Krzysztof Nowak

Tomasz Puchalski

Krzysztof Szczepaniak

Rafał Szymczak

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